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Yes that's me! - FairyKiss!

Hello, yes that's me! - FairyKiss! I'm just bits and bytes but also more than that! Come to Kingdom Phantasia  and find out about the people behind! - 

Well, where to start? Some time in early December 2008 I came across a Second Life review in a computer magazin. From that time I have been wandering the fairy path ... On my journey I met every kind of people. It has always been fascinating to see how people get along here. The best thing about Second Life is YOU CAN EXPRESS yourself. There are almost no limits. Because of this I have been wearing wings all my SL life, have ridden a pegasus and lived in a mushroom house for a long time.
Over the years I learned how to create fantasy stuff and started the Kingdom Phantasia. We do a fantasy role play especially focused on fairy, fae, elven, medieval, pirates and merfolks. Come and join us.

Kind regards
Queen FairyKiss