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Kingdom Phantasia

Kingdom Phantasia is a fantasy role play community and area in the region of Jarawa in Second Life. 
Kingdom Phantasia - Coat of Arms

In our kingdom we role play in a connection of different fantasy books. The basic idea of Phantasia is taken from the Neverending Story- a German fantasy novel (Die unendliche Geschichte, Michael Ende, 1979). The idea is to have a place for our members' imagination and fantasy to express themselves. We try to fight back people's lack of imagination in RL and give us all a chance to live in our fantasy for a while as much as the protagonists of the book fight against the spreading Nothing which destroys the fantasy kingdom "Phantásien (German)". 

Kingdom Phantasia connects different races: Fairy, Elven, Fae, Drow, Human, Merfolks and many others on a light fantasy and medieval role play. 
Travelling fantasy sims I came to Winterfell. It's a complex twilight area based on the novels “Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin. I decided to move the kingdom to Winterfell because the sims have a large connected area to explore, great waterways and role play from ancient times to early steam punk and Victorian Ages. 
During my stay in Winterfell its basic idea became an important part of Phantasia. 

After a longer break from active RP in Kingdom Phantasia, I decided to do something with my beloved vehicles. I love everything you can ride or fly in SL.

I started travelling on mainland on horseback or by boat and even on a butterfly and started to organise races with my horses. Later more games like hayball followed.


Phantasia Crest