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Horse races in 3D Fantasy circuits, Real Estate on full sim, open water sim, providing boats, horses and other vehicles for exploring, Role Play, Medieval and Fantasy, Events.
We also give information about Freebies, Midnight Mania Boards, Lucky Chairs, Lucky Boards, Gifts and hunts in Second Life®

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If you are interested in joining please send a notecard inworld or join our groups!

Races and games

events: hayball on horsebacks, races on fantasy vehicles and boats, airships etc., tours through mainland, dances, fancy dress balls, weddings, merfolks events, literature events, concerts

Hayball is a soccer version on horsebacks in a fantasy pitch and great fun like our races. We use the most developed and expensive horses and other vehicles in SL. Come and join the Kingdom Phantasia Races Group for schedule and prizes.

meeting point for fantasy RP

We use the most expensive horses in SL made by Realistek

hunts provided
German community available

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