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13 February 2016

I was lucky! Charmed Arctic Demon!

One of the most impressive and beautiful horses in SL!

Amaretto Charmed Arctic Demon!

10 February 2016

My Amaretto Horses - Elemental Heart Water and Wind

Elemental Horses Wind, Water and Heart

in my winter deco in January 2016

My Amaretto Horses Elemental Fire and Earth

Last year I found out how exciting breedables in SL are! I started breeding Amaretto horses. I like the elemental horses best.

I got at least 14 elemental horses!

The Elemental Fire and Earth gave me a lot of very clean Molten Roan Golds.

I started a very strong line of them

The project  Hepheastus' Gift was born! Read what Dakota published in the Amaretto blog

Everything began with “Flame in my eye”. What  a name…!!! One of Benny Springflower’s Elemental Fire Coats. But I needed to find her a proper stud… Fire in my Blood. More Elemental Coats moved over from Benny’s …. at least 4 and one I won at Ducky’s Auction from a fishbowl…
Hephaestus’ Gift: The Molten Roans with the Anniversary Hair and the bright shining elemental eyes seem to come directly from a volcano. Only the Elemental Fire Coats themselves shine brighter.
Lava from a volcano and the beauty of an elegant horse reminded me of the ancient legend of Hephaestus – the master of fire and gold and the beauty of his wife Aphrodite.
my perfect Hephaestus’ gift has the following traits:
Coat: Molten Roan Gold
Eye: Fire Element
Mane: Long
Tail: Long
Wings Branding
Wild Hair: Amaretto 2nd Anniversary Horse

The brandings wing or lightning are optional… wing a little gift from Hermes and the lightning from Zeus himself….

The perfect Molten Roan Gold stud

family picture with all elemental fire and earth

After the shooting we spend a nice and quiet evening in our main region Jarawa.


Finally everybody got tired. The horses fell asleep.


07 February 2016

my lost dragon is back!

After looking for Turok, my BattleBeast Breedables white armored dragon, for two day, I finally found him. We had a lot of fun together today.

Read all about my BattleBeast Breedables here! Arnstein Dragons!

Here are some snapshots!

 Earth is really small from 1500 meters up.

 Oops! Beware falling!
 Relaxing and having a good time!

 speeding up!
 feeling free

my dragon and me - untamed and free
 time to return - sun sets
last click

03 February 2016

Welcome in 2016 - some significant changes

Hello guys, due to a lot of RL work I wasn't doing much in the blog. But in 2016 there are  some significant changes.

First, the landholding company has reached a size of 4 regions and is still growing.
We basically supply breeders with lange areas. The land fee is always 1L for one prim.

Castle Pictures of 2015:

The Castle at the central region Jarawa

the original auction place on the castle Roof

music hall

rent hall

main area

Second, Castle Arnstein Horse Treasuries group has reached 200 plus members. We will start to do events again. We are running Amaretto auctions on our Tetris Horse Market and Battlebeast dragon auctions in the dragon market.

more information will follow....