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30 January 2012

Alli & Ali -Promo shopping on SLMarket

Alli&Ali Designs that means Allison Selene and Alice Klinger and it means first of all HAIR....HAIR and HAIR!  The ladies have always nice promo hair and a good deal of MM boards all around the grid. The even provide a new note card for the everyday fills in their mainstore. 

I have collected a lot of them over the years including my onyx standard hair!

It's time to say THANK YOU!

Here are the latest deals for 0 L$ from the marketplace there are plenty more! Check out!

for men:

for ladies:


Because one of my knights has been walking around in an ugly shape for weeks now and didn't do anything about it, I was looking for one for him on the SL Marketplace! For all the knights out there, the handsome and the ugly - here is my suggestion for you! and for free....

This blog entry is made for you - Dane, grrrr!!!

27 January 2012

Wishbox Lucky Chair Glade Nymph (blush)

Beautiful and exciting - Fairy floates wrapped in  the new LC prize through the faerie forest.....

26 January 2012

Kingdom Phantasia and Grey Dragons - Sky Pirate Meeting -

We welcome all 300 members of the Grey Dragon Sky Pirates in our kingdom. Now it's time to make them a fantastic welcome and home. To organize this and to get the pirates involved in our kingdom and Empire role play we will hold a big meeting at the weekend!


Greetings to all brave Grey Dragon Sky Pirates!
****[FairyKiss Delicioso waves!]****

You are invited to a meeting of all Sky Pirates of the  Grey Dragons!

Sunday, 29th January 2012       :::1 pm SLT:::

We will be discussing the following issues: 

- Who are the new folks in the group sending note cards....etc.?
- the alliance with Kingdom Phantasia and DeS Empire and its benefits 
- how to increase the role play and which are the limits
- discussion  to bring life to the group and wind into the sails
- jobs and roles in administration to be done
- preparing events for the Grey Dragons and joining the DeS Empire Calender
- how to get a sky ship?
- the new headquarter ship on Winterfell Reverie and how should it look like

Pirates who would like to do more about that and like to contribute with great ideas are very welcome!
Please contact me beforehand! 

I hope to see you all! 
The meeting is held in English and German language!

Lady FairyKiss 
Sky Pirate High Lady 

FallnAngel Creations Special

Over the years I collected a considerable amount of Falln Creations outfits and more. Here are some of the best and a few SLURLs as well!

These outfits are all from MMs, LCs, ramdom prizes, hunts! That means 0L$!

Lilith Skin Light Drow skin w/ creepy black makeup @FallnAngel
Vicious Mask in Silver (sculpted mask with creepy looking teeth encasing your jaw @FallnAngel
Unisex Dragonfly PJs in Blue and Aqua @FallnAngel
Lavender Blossoms Kimono - Beautiful sculpted kimono with several wear options @FallnAngel
Xaethriel Gown in Silver - gorgeous medieval style dress with gold accents @FallnAngel
Shin Outfit in Aqua - incl. vest, shorts, gloves, stockings, and sculpted belt and boots @FallnAngel

25 January 2012

DCS Weapons Lucky Chairs

new SURL new store deco - same good stuff, many LC and a MMB

[ C O R E : : W E A P O N R Y ] DCS2/CCS/URA/GM

24 January 2012

Angels and Daemons

The free female and male wings by Angels and Daemons are still available. This place is also great with Spellfire Weapons. There is a training area behind the armory!

23 January 2012

Hudson LB Fairy Outfit

FallnAngel Creations Midnight Mania Board

Faerie Mushroom Ring 13 prims 

22 January 2012

The White Amory group gift

Seraphim Aquatica Gown 

Winter Fairytale

As the reader may have noticed I have got a bit slow in my postings. I am really sorry about it. But the inworld community of Phantasia kept me very busy. Our headquarter moved again, finally to Winterfell Reverie, a full RP sim. Winterfell is a great dark fantasy sim community. Later more about it!
The blog will change slightly. By now we were focused only on freebies, hunts and cheapies. In the future also posts about our community life will follow.
For today I would like to introduce the Kingdom Phantasia heart land to you before the winter fairytale will be gone on 1st February.

        .... very romantic place.....
        .... Kingdom Phantasia Meeting Point... come and sit with us by the camp fire....
            The treehouse is made by my favorite designer... the attic hides a secret laboratory... come and find it
 Fairy puzzling.... has seen a dire wolf in her forest...

21 January 2012

+ eX + e z u r a X u e Alternative Fashion

+ eX + e z u r a X u e 
Alternative Fashion

Bourbon St 2 Hunt
Date : Jan 21st - Feb 21st
each prize 1L$

19 January 2012

Opium Mainstore MM

Opium Fantasy:Imperial Guardian Complete outfit including accessories and boots for men and women

and many more MMs and LC 

18 January 2012

Analog Dog Hair Gift

several very beautiful and high quality hair gifts

15 January 2012

Deep Blue Sea Hunt

EVERY PRIZE 1L! But it's worth!

# 1 Starting Point Dakota Touch

03 January 2012

[croire] group gift

traveller's trunk