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31 July 2011

Cockadoo Shoulder Pet MM

And another fantastic new companion! COCO the cockadoo! He speaks and moves very realistic. You can name him!

Maktub Designs Metall Dress MM

Lovely Metallic gown in a MM Board at Maktub Design!

30 July 2011

Pirate Accessories

Additionally to some pirate setting from the Bone&Skull Hunt I found this nice LC stuff at Lockwood Market!
There are plenty of MM Boards and Mini Mania as much as 2 LC with spellfire and other equipment!

29 July 2011

Creative Chaos MM

Creative Chaos: The MM was already locked down when I arrived. There are more freebies and dollarbies around!

Next Nature's Hunt: Tropical Nights

The Nature's Hunt Group released the information the the next Nature's Hunt beginns on 29th:
Tropical Nights

The startpoint is at The Sacred Flame Flower Boutique at Pirate's Boulvard

April Easter outfit Caverna Obscura

I was lucky with this great outfit by Caverna Obscura !

28 July 2011

LB Club Mermaid

In Club Mermaid you can try your luck for a prize from the Tala Fantasy Hunt!

27 July 2011

Inga Wind Ice-Cream Hunt

Inga Wind Ice-Cream Hunt
Seek  9 filled icecream cones in the store. There are many more lying on the floor!
The dress is marvellous- swinging and perfect for a midsummer night dancing.
Tiara and shoes are included.
Thank you Inga for this great dress!

Harem slippers by Caverna Obscura

And some great harem slippers by Caverna Obscura !

26 July 2011

Caverna Obscura Floral Sandals

 Caverna Obscura

Ellistraee Priestess Caverna Obscura

As mentioned before Caverna Obscura is a great place for fantasy outfits. This also includes the shape, jewelry  and shoes!

Widdershins Elf Ears MM

These Widdershins Elf Ears come along with a Color HUD!

25 July 2011

Skull & Bones HUNT

5Finding a hidden treasury- who is not dreaming of this?.Unfortunately, the Skull & Bones Hunt will be closed on 31st July! This is my favorite combination!

hat: nr. 65 Sucreries de Fairy
outfit: nr.94 Sassy 
sash, sword, necklace and earrings: nr. 49 Mary’s Threads
boots: nr. 114 Kennedy’s  

24 July 2011

Die Reitratte -Racing Rat -MM- SARCASTIC

...why taking the Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage to the ball when you can have this wonderful rinding rat! May I introduce Archi - my riding rat. In the very first moment I saw him I fell in love. His moves are very realistic, he can sit and make noises as well. Archi is easy to control by a hud and perfect for travelling or racing.
Usually we Germans don't tend to be very humourous. But these German designers proved a good sense of humour in the way you make him moving! It's a big surprise... or maybe not... Archi is a rat at least!

Today's prize: Eagle Pet

It's Sunday and time for the new TWA Dress

The new TWA dress is different from the ones before. It is modern and stylish and perfect for e great Saturday Night Event.
The perfect place to wear it and to attract one of the  noble men is Avilion Grove.The ballroom there seems to be taken right from a fairy tale. Come and let your fairytale come true! The photos are taken in the garden there.

23 July 2011

Summer Festival at Courious Kitties

Courious Kitties released this lovely melon set group gift!

Bikini, heels, hover and melon

22 July 2011

The White Amory group gift

Simply beautiful! Seduction Gown

21 July 2011

some flowers for your hair

Hello, I couldn't spend much time in SL during the last months. RL took all my time!
I have come back with these flowers for your hair! Just this one is free, be careful!
released by Soedara