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25 February 2011

Caverna Obscura new items in Lucky Board 4

WOW! One of the most beautiful dresses I have ever had!!!! Coral Reef Gown

Caverna Obscura new items in Lucky Board 3

Drow Cloak and Boots

Caverna Obscura new items in Lucky Board 2

Grape Vine Wreath

Caverna Obscura new items in Lucky Board

Caverna Obscura has some new interesting Lucky Board Outfits.
I was lucky with the Viking Apron Gown Red!!!

24 February 2011

21 February 2011

Flighty February Hunt until 03/06

Flighty February Hunt until 03/06:
number 15  Paris Couture
This great fairy dress is also glowing in the night! Thanks to Tiger Loopen for posing!

An eye patch for ladies!

Something small but unique! A rose eye patch for ladies! group gift (10L$) SLURL

Na' vi group gifts - The Imagined

Some great Na'vi gifts: eyes, ears, sitting area, a poster and a great dance omniball  The Imagined

19 February 2011

Courious Kitties - Lace Fan in 4 colours

Courious Kitties - This Lace Fan in 4 colours is available at the landing point.

16 February 2011

Magika Hair Gift!

There is another subcribo gift today! Magika- a great place for hair- released this great gift!

Corona Subscribo gift (in history)

Corona - Special Drow skins! one in pink! and one in red Make-up!

14 February 2011

skins, skins, skins.....

A fatpack of lovely Valentine Skins by Apple May Designs arrived. I tried these 2 of  7!

The White Amory new group gift Gaia Godess

I don't know how many gowns I got by the White Armory but each of it is fantastic and unique!

Spartan Warrior MM Board

Because I didn't post much men outfits, I'd like to introduce 2 places for some fantasy clothes for men:
The Spartan waririor can be found here and here an some more men MM Boards!

11 February 2011

Courious Kitties - Free fat pack of new Azil skins!

Do you remember the Azil winter skins? Now a new fatpack of 8 skins is out for free.You can find it at the landing point!

Black Veil Spellfire weapon

Well. today the axe arrived. It's a spellfire weapon from the marketplace of the Black Veil RP! There are plenty of MM Boards and Mini Mania as much as 2 LC with spellfire and other equipment!

10 February 2011

Black Veil gifts, LC and MM Spellfire weapons and food

After all that hunting let's have a quiet and peaceful evening on the balcony!
It's time to test the lastest gifts from the marketplace of the Black Veil RP! The carpet is soft and cosy! The meat slices are spellfire food. There are plenty of MM Boards and Mini Mania as much as 2 LC with spellfire and other equipment! Let's see tomorrow if we were lucky!

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt - Final Prize XXI

Well it's time to say byebye to the Tala Hunt! The last prize is really astonishhing.
The A B C Nursery Cabbaga Patch Baby reacts to touching doing a baby sound!


Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt - *merberry* Prize XX Byebye Kiss

This is the second prize from the Club Mermaid area. Go to the *mb* Main store down!
The prizes are a cute byebye kiss animation and 2 gestures!

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt - Cloverleaf Corners Prize XVIII and Prize XIX by B.A.B.

This Cloverleaf Corners shop is in a very beautiful area. Don't miss to take a look around!
Paris Glamour Mermaid

B.A.B. H2U Trident

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt - Priscilla Prize XVII

XVII : Priscilla     Esprit d'amour   mermaid outfit including heart emitter

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt SD Prize XVI

This prize is an undersea portico!

09 February 2011

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt - Elementals Prize XV


Visit the great underwater scenery and get the 2 belts. Besides this you can find some more merfolks outfits, LB and other things.

Valahari Treasure Hunt

Valahari Treasure Hunt is open now. It's in the marketplace in the sky! You can get great prizes like this lovely fairy by Laces and Steel

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt Club Mermaid XIV

Club Mermaid: The 2 fish are the prizebut there are also a lot of freebies and 2 LB! Check my previous post for Club Mermaid.

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt XM Designs Prize XIII

XM Designs 2 frames and 3 great shells!!!

Tir Na Nog - check frequently for high quality mermaid and fairy

The very special Tir Na Nog Lucky Board mermaid is one of the best mermaid outfits I have ever got! And be sure I have plenty of it!!!! Please consider that the boards are frequently changing prizes and location!

08 February 2011

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt - Little Glass Wish Prize XII

Little Glass Wish

Serenity Semple gave us the great Cephalopod Backhuggs. They are worn on spine!

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt - 305 Boomtown Parkway Prize XI

305 Boomtown Parkway , Steelhead Boomtown

There are 2 prizes: The bed is made for land dwellers and the shell for merfolks. The shell is absolutely perfect! There are lamps added as well.

Tala Fantasy and Mermaid Hunt Prizes VIII to X

 I got some problems with nr 8 and 9. I can't rez the prize. Sorry, it's a lovely rose garden by Eff's Tent with a white swing. Prize nr 9 is not working!
Prize nr.10 has several stained glas mermaid textures! Eternal Creativity

Courious Kitties- Free pink Valentine Hair

Courious Kitties put this lovely Valentine Hair at the landing point!

06 February 2011

NoT BUTTON'S skins DKH Hunt Prize 52

It's really a great skin!!! The Dark Katz Hunt 3 prize is a neko and vampire inspired hunt! UNTIL 5TH MARCH!