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25 September 2011

Twisted Hunt @ Avatar Bizzare

The Twisted Hunt is one of the most exciting but also a difficult hunt.

This is the hunt prize gown  #14 by Avatar Bizzare! There is a prize for men too!

21 September 2011

On the Hunt- Boof HQ Sherlock Holmes

On the Hunt- Boof HQ - Sherlock Holmes male and female outfit

20 September 2011

At the Artist's Studio

At the Artist's Studio

Long term readers might have realized a change in the way the SL snapshots are presented here. I turned away from simply showing the items to some better style. My friend Jaysem Adagio is a great artist. He helped me a lot to improve the quality of the photos and he is sharing his knowledge with me on regular meetings.


Jaysem's shots

my shots

18 September 2011

**TWA**Group Gift-La Belle Dame Gown Set

**TWA**Group Gift-La Belle Dame Gown Set

skin and ears: Autumn fairy (posted before)

Autumn Fairy skin, ears and wings

Midnight Mania: Autumn Fairy skin, ears and wings (wings not in picture)

17 September 2011

Free Nymph shape and 60L Nymph avatar

the shape is free

AVA 60L 

RP Spellfire weapons and other stuff @ Lockwood

the market of the RP Sim has always some great LCs and MM Boards with RP material

This time I got a great Elven Healing Wand!

16 September 2011

MoAH Miracles of Autumn Hunt 16 September to 16 October

MoAH - Miracles of Autumn Hunt

hunt prize #105 Hig's Mainstore : Autumn Dreams Hammock


S.R. WOODLAN FAIRY Wings and Wreath by Sacred Rose

12 September 2011

Black Goldfish Mermaid in Lucky chair

Calderon Chronicals - great place on SL

From time to time I post great places I come across. Here are some shots taken at the Calderon Chronicals hunt!

11 September 2011

Calderon Chronicals - Crystal Treasure Hunt

I got the following message from Rathmeous Dagger via group:

Today is the Grand Opening of the Calderon Chronicles, a medi/fantasy world with a new twist!  We are celebrating our grand opening with a sim wide treasure hunt! All kinds of goodies can be found!  Weapons, Armor, equipment, clothes and lots more!
Find the crystals and get your reward!
The hunt begins today at 9am SLT and will run until the hunt runs its course!  Got Perwin pouches or bags?  Can't find the ingredients you need? Get on the hunt and knock down 2 birds with 1 stone!  See you at the hunt!

huntprize: gown including jewelry

The White Armory group gift Witchwood Gown

No Button's closing

No Button's is closing and set a great number of skins for free. Go and get it!
Here just an exampe!

04 September 2011

Twisted Hunt @ B[ELLE]issima

Twisted Hunt  @ B[ELLE]issima  #39a and b male and female

Twisted Hunt @ United Inshcon

Twisted Hunt prize #37  @ United Inshcon

The shop is a pure inspiration for fantasy lovers!

Medieval Fantasy Hunt

Medieval Fantasy Hunt untill 30th September

# 14  A fantastic treehouse - United InshCon

A genius Mage at work!

Roland is full of magic ideas and a genius creating magic things!
It's always a pleasure to explore his inventions!
Come and see him working!

The White Amory group gift Victorian Gown Set

Victorian Gown Set

Twisted Hunt @ Dilly Dolls

Dilly Dolls hunt prize

02 September 2011

Baroque skin and chair

 American Bazaar Birthday Hunt
Oh La La
Baroque Chair

Baroque Store - the new GROUP GIFT
 'La Fleur de l'Espagne - Baroque Carnival Skin

Twisted Hunt September 2011

Let's go for the Twisted Hunt! There are 207 prizes with great works. 
Take a look at the blog to get an idea what is coming up!

What are you looking for?
A small blue cube

Welcome to the HARDEST hunt in SL!!   -  Your starting point should you decide to accept this challenge is DV8 -

my first pictures of hunt prizes:

# 96 Fae by Heartsick
almost complete avatar
I just added some hairstyles by Alli&Ali

There is no hint blog but an active group: my hint for you: true fairies love the forest

# 40 Forgotten Garden by Cracked