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31 January 2011

Inga Wind Valentine Hunt Prize

I have got some fairy outfits by Inga Wind. Today I added this.....

Silentsparrow Year of the Bunny Hunt Pprize

also perfect

FallnCreations' Year of the Bunny Hunt prize

These are two great FallnCreations outfits of the hunt at the Ozimals and Magic Oz sims!

30 January 2011

Pas de Deux "Year of the Bunny" hunt prize: Fairy dress

The hunt is great fun and quite different to others!

Here the first prize, later more!!!

The Year of the Bunny Hunt 29.01. - 06.02.2011

The Year of the Bunny Hunt  01/29 untill 02/06:
Search the Magic of Oz and Ozimals sims for Chocolate Coins.

Curious Kitties Valentine Elf Ears

Today I got the group message that Curious Kitties has released a new group gift. The gifts are always gorgeous there so go and get  the Valentine Elf Ears and other thing like the tree hair. Take a look around, there are more freebies in different areas of the shop. I recommend to see Curious Kitties regularly.Over the years I got a number of great hair, skins and outfits.
The other pictures show a skin and wings which were released previously.

29 January 2011

A way to do RP - DCS2 - Spellfire

If you read my profile inworld, you will find out that I'm doing fantasy RP. Well, even as a fairy you can use a meter to live with, sleep and eat. What do you need for a good roleplay?
First of all you should find a community or a sim area you feel well with. Even if I nearly never combat I enjoy my free fairy spellfire meter.You can get one here or here at Stone Keep or another one in use at Tinuvien.
For a bigger set of free spellfire weapons go to Avilion.
Another source of free spellfire equipment are hunts.I am armed up with a Dakara Weapons hunt prize. It's DCS2 compatible and very well done including bow, sword and shield.

Many RP sims have marketplaces and some basic equipment in LC or MM Boards, for example Mistborn.

Another perfect place to get high quality DCS2 weapons ist the shop UTOPIA UNDERWORLD.There are several MM Boards!

More MM Boards
 Axe and Bear Creations and here including LB for FOOD, weapons and more.


28 January 2011

Golden Fairy MM Board /100 knocked down!!!

A BIG BIG THANK YOU again! The golden fairy avatar was worth the slaps. A neco tail and feet are included. SLURL posted before!

Caverna Obscura group gift January

I must admit, I am a highheels lover in RL as much as in SL. Look at these great oak heels. The skin and nails are tintable (I didn't change the colour). A hud comes with the shoes. Because Caverna Obscure is one of the finest adresses in fantasy I will start a photo shooting of all their LB prizes. Do you have a Caverna Obscura outfit and like to pose for the pictures?Please send message inworld!

27 January 2011

FLOZZ MM Board and Gift

Tired from all that travelling around sims I decided to have a quiet evening on the treehouse balcony. Well a nice sofa would serve the purpose well. I found a recent MM Board gift by FLOZZ in my inventory and rezzed it. The sofa has some awsome poses!
Well I unpacked some more FLOZZ gifts and found 2 nice strawberries with animations, drumms and trees. Even the sculpty butterfly is gorgeous. I visited the shop again and slapped some MM Boards. Up in the sky there is a rez place to see and test the MM Board content. Have fun!

26 January 2011

Death Rose necklace update

The MM Board at Bad Juju contains the Death Rose necklace today!

Death Rose Wings another style!

No, don't worry not just another pair of wings for fairies! These are little bit special! Some days ago I met Juju Neximus at the Caverna Obscura LBs and she invited my to her shop Bad Juju and to her wings MM Board. And here they are! The Death Rose Wings! Perfectly working with some natural outfit as well with gothic or a vampire style even for male outfits. Thanks so much for the invitation! Please notice that the prizes are frequently changing there!

25 January 2011

A new challenge! (ADULT SIM)

Because I promised to get a bit away from all that fairy stuff I travelled around some RP sims I haven't seen before. By chance I stumpled across an LC showing a dragon pet. At first glimse just another shoulder pet! But it wasn't one... It was the ultimate pet! A dragon by Wolfhaven Productions worth up to 1000L for breeding.
This little creature is a pet to breed, hatch and raise and it is TRANSFER. While waiting for an F I read the  instructions close by.
I found out that I need a hatching fire, some food and a HUD. Ok, now things got a bit more difficult... but this little dragon on the ground is so cute!!!
Well.. then F coming and I got mine. My sister Angel got right the next one. Happy with my latest LC prize I went home unpacked and killed the dragon instantly. So beware!  If you like to start a dragon hatching read all instructions carefully, ask an experienced breeder and visit the store (for the free HUD) and more information.

Now I must hunt the fire and the food freebies to start my dragon line! I' will keep you informed, guys!

Avariel complete Elf Avatar - MM Board (Attention - Adult Sim!!!)

Well, getting mad about those faries I didn't forget the other fantasy stuff.  I'd like to change the focus on some darker freebies and begin with this elf avatar. I saw the Avariel complete female Elf Avatar on an MM Board on the Isle of Eternity. It's a cheapie from a freebie store and full permission but the quality is worth the post and the slap. Because it's full permission it can also be the beginning of a new adapted outfit! The aurora wings are really great!

Walk around this market, there are many MM and LC! Maybe you find something nice for yourself!

And here she comes!!!!! The summer Fairy!

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all who helped to knock it down!!! Simply goreous!

And this is the MM Board prize today! Autumn Fairy

24 January 2011

The MM Board has changed again - orange now

The MM Board has changed again - orange now - but it's a pity! We didn't get enough fairies to knock ist down! Board by Serendipity Sapphire  /50

and the next The White Armory Group Gift

Gorgeous as always! On the Emerald Sim!

23 January 2011

The Next Big Thing Hunt untill 12th February

Tribal Soul is one of my favorite location for hunt items. Usually they have great skins in their hunt prizes.
When the group info about the "The Next Big Thing Hunt" arrived I got excited about a new fantastic skin and I got it!
The prize contains skin, shape, eyes and fingernails!
It's great craftship, sexy and it was a pleasure to pose in the new skin, shape and eyes!
I hope you will like it too!
You need a hint? I'm a fairy, aren't I?

MM Board by Serendipity Sapphire has changed

The MM Board by Serendipity Sapphire has changed! Ladies come and slap it! /50

Golden Fairy MM Board /100

The MM Board contains a full avatar! Come and slap it!!! NuLOOK

22 January 2011

Spring Fairy Lucky Chair

In contast to the quite musculine warrior outfit is the spring fairy very sexy and maybe not for everyday shopping. Nevertheless my partner likes it. The hairstyle is inclusive and very well done! I found it on Insomnia.

The White Armory male group gift

Today I got that male group gift. I think it also fits me. I added shoes and weapons from my inventory!
Get the outfit here.

21 January 2011

Neco Wings with particle emitter Lucky Chair

Travelling a bit around I came across these nice wings with particle emitter at Point's animations. This shop sells different things including fairy stuff. They have some more Lucky Chairs including one more wings prize.But I wasn't lucky there.

20 January 2011

Only 50 slaps away!

Ladies come and slap this MM Board! Bring all the other faeries faes and elves!!!

Caverna Obscura

Caverna Obscura has moved to a new region. Fantasy Lovers know that the Lycky Boards there always have great outfits!

Lokk at these great detailed clogs: