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30 September 2010

Angels & Daemons

Angels & Daemons - Swords Bows Daggers Weapons Wings Archery

Free  Wings for Men

Enigma changed MM Board - Drow skin female

The Enigma Drow skin matches the Drow Assassin Outfit posted before.

MM Boards, group gifts and Lucky Chairs


19 September 2010

The White Armory: Eastern Shore Gown Set (new groupgift)

 The White Amory: Eastern Shore Gown Set

Tayren's Fantasy Fashion 50L WEEKEND OFFER 4 FAIRIES and MM


MM Boards change daily!

Free Elven ears in 5 tones and free decorative medieval weapons

Free colorful mermaid skins and AO

17 September 2010

13 September 2010

11 September 2010

groupgift The White Armory

The White Armory frequently changes groupgifts. You have to join group to get them. It's free.

Mystic Hope MM

RP Market with several MM Boards

Today I'd like to introduce these great MM boards to you! You can find them on a small first class marketplace on Realm of Eskandor.
The pictures are taken from the vendors inside! Great stuff!

Tekeli-li - perfect for fantasy avatars

There are two hair styles for 1L$ at Tekeli-li's - one for mermaid "Nixi" and one with a snake and an apple called "Eve" . I have had this hair long in my inventory but it is still available. You have plenty of options in colors and texture! Check out!

SLURL to Tekeli-li