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25 February 2009

Fairy Parade at Pas De Deux

I spent some time in front of the lucky chairs at Pas de Deux and got these great colorful dresses. Not all come along with wings but they are easily to combine. Don't miss the camping upstairs! Most dresses are tranferable!
skin: Kuma (posted before)
hair: Fantasy by Gurl (not free)

24 February 2009

Sale at Pixeldolls!

Go and get your favorites!

They are between 10 L$ and 50 L$

pictures show a few examples

23 February 2009

more presents

Along with the turtle outfit you can get some more presents.

for home owners:
a denden opal (2 prims)
a watertank (18 prims)
a nice chair (16 prims)
a water tank table (13 prims)
a huge octopus (22 prims) unfortunately to big and no mod, so be careful when unpacking, go to a place where megaprims are allowed and a nice fish pet

Turtle Mania!

This great turtle outfit with pet has many details and can also be combined with other outfits.

It' s mod and trans. It would be a unique present as well. Later I will do a tutorial about changing and combining. The turtle pet is so cute but doesn't move. If you like it moving, pls send an IM. Ice and me can help about this.

The outfit doesn't come with the Mermaid AO because there are no foot fins. If you prefer the mermaid AO get the green seaflower posted before. The AO is included.

With a few modifications the outfit would be great for the mermen as well!

hair Desdemona (Lucky Chair)

Of course all zero Lindens!

Garden Fairy

This Garden Fairy by Tom Boy is as simple as beautiful. The skin is the Kuma skin by Daizy's Skin and Shape Closet (mentioned in an other post before).
Tom Boy
The photo was taken at the Kingdom Phantasia Headquarters - my home - on Fae Valley SIM!

22 February 2009

A perfect carnival night in Venice

You are going for a perfect carnival night in Venice? Italia Vire offers perfect Renaissance and medieval dresses for men and women. The dark blue Renaissance gown "Princess Cla" was the last month camping price and is no longer available for free. The curent camping prize "Bolena" is as a gorgeous as the other. Its a perfect medieval gown. (pick is necessary for camp)

Not to much different is the white gown from the pick- gift board. There you can find the male outfit as well. Drop in frequently and your wardrobe will be filled with great stuff.

This week's offer Carnival Fun 49 L$.
The carnival skin is a gift (1L$) by Body Market just around the corner.

Photos are taken on Venice Passion and Gorlen Hill!

Roman legioner

I came across a heart from the Valentine Hunt at MIA and found this great avatar! 0L$

If you are interested, hurry up! I don't know how long the heart will be there.

The photo was shot at "The Roman Empire" SIM

21 February 2009

Welcome to the merfolks!

A warm welcome to our friends from the oceans! This is your today's freebie. I found it in a freebie corner somewhere but it's also available at Atargatis store on Four. I hope you like it as much as I do! The skin is called "Indian". Daizy's Skin and Shape Closet offers free skins and shapes and camping. The camping time is 20 minutes.

The photo is taken at our mer place project on Novin. Thank you Stormy! For further details see projects, coming soon.

mermaid green seaflower

skin Indian from Daizy's Skin and shape closet

12 February 2009

A dream in ice and snow

Do you like walking a winter dream? Fairytale is a true one. Follow the endless path down and discover natural wonders in ice and snow. Don't miss the ice castle and make sure you wear warm clothes ;)

Exploring SL places

We do a lot of travelling to different places in Second Life.

These photos were taken on Natura Suprema. 3 sims for nature and LOR lovers. The Hobbit houses are cute and ready to be rent.

Der Fantasie entsprungen, eine Legende, mächtiger als der Glaube, älter als die Zeit, zeitlos durch Zeit und Raum geirrt um einen Platz zum Leben zu finden.

Magie umgibt mich und verhüllt meine körperliche Gestalt, Magier die mutig und dumm genug waren, scheiterten schon in meinem Umfeld an meiner Magie.

Mein Atem ist heißer als die Sonne, meine Haut verbrennt jedes menschliche Leben, aber meine Magie lässt die Menschen erst leben.

Meine Schwingen bedecken ganze Landflächen und bieten Schutz.
Kontaktier mich inworld!!!

Fairy- that's me and my Second Life

Just bits and bytes but also more than that! Come to get a fairy's kiss ;-) and find out about the person behind! I'll tell about my adventures and creations as well as interesting places in SL.

I am interested in high fantasy RP and live in a tree house on Fae Valley. I like building for fairies, mermaids and all of phantasy. Ask me!
Contact me inworld!